Power or petroleum or water, wherever there are fluid and air passing through, needs to be controlled for effective and efficient operations. Actuators play critical roles for these motion and flow controls. Different technologies have been used for actuations; among them the pneumatic and electric technologies are widely used.


Comprehensive range of high specification instrument valves and manifolds for the oil, gas, chemical processing and petrochemical industries.

Magtech adopts the latest and proven technologies on its advanced electric and pneumatic actuators. These actuators offer the most comprehensive standard feature sets in their classes to satisfy different needs and preferences of our customers. These actuators are widely used from continuous modulation to on/off applications on dampers and various types of valves in process control industries.



Magtech offers wide choices of field instruments and apparatus. In this section, we provide high quality electromagnetic flowmeter; three series of smart differential pressure transmitters serving vast different applications; we offer uniquely designed Sonic Soot Blower widely used in power plants; We also provide various recorders from circle chart recorder all the way to latest color touchscreen recorders with datalogger.